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Rewiring pickup wires to coil wires!

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  • Rewiring pickup wires to coil wires!

    I asked this in my last thread, but it got lost in my main questions, so I thought I'd ask here. What happened was, in moving my "classic stack", the wires came off so I need to replace them. I soldered the wires to the little eyelet dots - thinking these somehow connect to the coil, but they do not. I can't get a solid connection. ArtieToo told me I needed to get the coil wires to the eyelets then drop the new wires onto the coil wires. As you guys know, the "classic stack" has four eyelets, not two like normal - since humbuckers usually have wires going into the pickup.

    So... I'm looking for advice on this.

    What I plan today - unless advised otherwise - is to take the tape off the coils, search for the ends, and make them available to reach, and then tape them up.

    Here's my questions - which wire, looking at the eyelets at the front - which coil wire goes to which eyelet or colored wire?

    I don't see them sticking out, so maybe they popped off a bit?

    Thanks guys - first time doing this, wish I didn't need to - so I don't wanna mess it up!
    Guitar: Raven West RSM 1000
    Pickup: Seymour Duncan "Classic Stack"
    Amplifier: Line 6 Spider 112