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Getting a bad hum.

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  • Getting a bad hum.

    Just installed new duncan pup's, pots, caps, jack, 3 way switch. I plug it into my amp, and I get a bad humming sound with my controls on 0. Turn the volume up to 10, the hum gets more quiet. Turn the volumes down to 0, the hum gets worst. As I'm getting this hum, if I touch the 3 way switch, bridge, controls, and tail piece, the hum gets more quiet. I checked all my connections, I can't see a ground touching anything. Below is a pic of my wiring. Did I over ground, use to heavy of a gauge wire? Should I try switching the connections on the jack, I think I have them right, not sure. There are no strings on this guitar yet, have to have the bridge set up first. Could this have anything to do with it? Any Ideas?

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    Re: Getting a bad hum.

    The only thing I can think of Because you say it's quiter on 10, Is
    that you have the volume pot wired backward?? I've had problem's
    like this B4. Almost all the time it was something simple I over looked.


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      Re: Getting a bad hum.

      For two days I went over this guitar with a fine tooth comb. I re-ran wires, re-soldered grounds, prayed alittle, still had a hum. I was standing down cellar pulling my hair out, then it dawned on me. Only one thing left I never checked. I plugged my amp into a diffrent extenison cord, ta daaaaaaaaaa, fixed, I can't believe it. Never even thought about checking the cord. I'm bringing the guitar into the shop tomorrow to have the bridge an action set up. Once I get it back, I'll post a pic. This SG should be good now for another 35 years. Looking forward to hearing what the new Duncans sound like in this guitar. Thanks for all the help, couldn't have done it without ya's. Thanks again...........


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        Re: Getting a bad hum.

        Good Luck, Glad ya found that gremlin. I'm sure it's gonna sound great !!
        Like I said it's aways something silly that you over look.
        A few years Ago i did a tuneup on my car. Changed the plugs ,wires,
        cap and rotor. THE FREAK'IN THING Wouldn't START UP??? Two days
        I spent going over everything. Couldn't figure it out ???
        My friend comes over,1st thing he says... YA GOT GAS IN THIS THING