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A Tale of Two Strats

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  • A Tale of Two Strats

    Well I just placed an order for my new Warmoth Strat body -- finally settled on alder for the body wood just 'cuz it's a Strat and Strats should be made of alder.

    This new Strat is gonna pair up with the one I've already got which has three Tex Mex single-coils and a maple neck. I'm gonna change the pups to a JB bridge, QP mid, Hot Rails neck 'cuz I like my stuff heavy. Obviously this will be a bright-sounding guitar -- anybody who's heard Green Day knows a JB bridge with a maple neck Strat is pretty trebley.

    The new Strat will have a rosewood neck and I'm aiming for a crunchier sound with it, so I'm considering a DiMarzio Super Distortion bridge and a SD 59 neck just 'cuz the 59 neck seems to be the all-around best neck humbucker. It's also gonna have the cool G&L PTB tone control so I can turn down the lows and highs and get lots of midrange...nice huh?

    So if you're still reading this (which I doubt), do you think I'm gonna achieve my goal with these axes? Any suggestions? 'Cuz I'm open to suggestions at this point...
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    Re: A Tale of Two Strats

    I like it. If you know of a place that has the G&L PTB controll wiring diagram, let me know.
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      Re: A Tale of Two Strats has some diagrams that i remember looking at -- don't really remember exactly, just look around.

      And I know somebody on this forum has a Strat they wired like that...
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