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  • Opinions please

    I'm thinking about swapping out the stock pickups in my Washburn x10 (strat style solid body) with something a little better. The guitar has a maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and a H/S/S config. Since I play everything from folk, blues, rock, metal, classic rock and a little old time country I need a setup that would give me the widest range possible without limiting the sound (yes I want the world, the moon and the stars! ) so I think I might have came up with something that should work for everything. But I would like some outside opinions before I do anything wild.

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    Middle: Duckbucker
    Bridge: Screamin Demon or Duncan Custom

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    Re: Opinions please

    if its blues rock metal AND classic rock maybe you're looking at something like what you have above.. the custom is a good choice, or so I hear, but isnt the duckbucker sort of transparent? or does it emulate a strat-like sound?
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      Re: Opinions please

      From what I've heard the duckbucker has a nice "quack" like the strats... plus I think they sound sweet.