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  • Thinline Tele

    I have a Mexican '72 Reissue Tele in rather fetching Metallic Blue, and I love it's grunt. It was used extensively for the songs you can hear on!

    I would however like to make more use of it live, but whil I love the sound, it needs to be a tad more versatile for certain applications.

    My fav pickups from the soundbites are the JB in the Bridge and Jazz neck, classic! Does anybody have any experience of this set up in a semi-acoustic guitar? I'd also love the look of the zebra pickups in the tele, would give an awesome retro yet modern vibe to the appearance, with the metallic blue finish and pearly scratchplate!

    I appreciate that these pickups will sound vastly different in a thinline to the Les paul used in the soundbites, so are these necessarily the right ones for this sound? What I basically want is to keep the existing sound (big crunchy rhythm), but give it more scope for a screaming pinch harmonic friendly lead sound and smooth jazzy bite, a-la 335, and maybe even coil tap too.

    Any ideas?

    Cheers peeps!

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    Re: Thinline Tele

    I played the tele thinline custom a while back and was very imprssed. ( its the one witht he wide range humbuckers) Id say either 59 or a jb? cant really go wrong there. and in zebra ooohh so hot! jazz would work too
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