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Doing the Custom/59 hybrid coil swap

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  • Doing the Custom/59 hybrid coil swap

    HI guys,
    I have been reading about the custom/59 hybrid coil swap project. These threads sparked my interest and I am going to do this. I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions when taking the original apart. I am very goo d with a soldering iron and electronics. Just researching a bit before I tear into them so I don't screw them up. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated from those who have done the hybrid.

    Also, I have a Old seymour duncan , Seymourizer II that I installed in the early eighties that I absolutely love and was wondering what this pickup was designed around and what model it essentially became? It is a somewhat a high output pickup with a nice warmness to it.


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    Re: Doing the Custom/59 hybrid coil swap

    I believe the Seymourizer became the Duncan Distortion neck pup.


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      Re: Doing the Custom/59 hybrid coil swap

      The seymourizer II that I have has been used as a bridge pickup all these years. I picked it up in a parts buy with allot of other pickups all those years ago and I Just kept changing them out until I found a tone that I liked. It is loaded in a 84 Kramer. The pickup has always screamed, I think it has a resistance of 13 to 14 ohms, it has been awhile since I had the guitar apart. I would never changed it out because it became part of my playing. I just never seen many references to it anywhere except a couple here.


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        Re: Doing the Custom/59 hybrid coil swap

        I had a seymourizer 2 installed in the neck of my Kramer 17 years ago. I believed it was renamed the Duncan Distortion neck. Pretty cool pickup, ifyou ask me.

        As for the hybrid, I think if you go carefully,it's pretty straight forward, just don't be hamfisted. The only real tip I have is that surgical calipers (you can get them from Radio Shack) work better than needle-nose pliers to remove magnets.
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