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  • Advice?

    Hey everyone. I own a PRS Santana SE guitar and I'd like to replace the stock pickups. I was wondering what you guys think would be a good combonation to install into this guitar. I play hard rock, alternative, grunge, a little punk and also some metal. It's vital to have a nice clean tone as well as a nice and responsive distorted tone. Suggestions?

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    Re: Advice?

    Oh yeah, forgot to include that my amp is a Marshall MG100 DFX. Also, I was talking to a guy at guitar center and he suggested I put Gibson pickups in it or don't change the pickups at all and suggested I buy a new guitar. I was interested in a Gibson LP Special Faded but don't really have enough money at the moment. I was hoping that replacing the pickups would give me the sound I'm looking for as long as I find the correct pickups to replace the stock ones. Thanks.


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      Re: Advice?

      how about a jazz neck and JB bridge ...

      or an alnico II pro neck

      good luck

      ps - no need to start two threads for the same question
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