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Recommendations for PRS Santana SE?

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  • Recommendations for PRS Santana SE?

    Any suggestions for pickups to replace my stock pickups for a Santana SE? Thanks.

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    Re: Recommendations for PRS Santana SE?

    welcome to the forum

    what kind of sound are you going for? what kind of music? what kind of effects and amp?

    let us knwo and we'll help dial in your ideal tone

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      Re: Recommendations for PRS Santana SE?

      I'd suggest you go to the tips and clips forum and listen to alot of soundclips and decide for yourself. Some other sites with alot of soundclips on them are:


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        Re: Recommendations for PRS Santana SE?

        I have a Marshall MG100 DFX amp and I play hard rock, alternative, rock, some metal..stuff like Smashing Pumpkins, Bush, and Incubus to Mudvayne, Sevendust and Atreyu. Looking for nice clean and responsive distorted sounds. Thanks for any help!


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          Re: Recommendations for PRS Santana SE?

          I love the Jazz/C5 combo for playing hard/classic rock, but it may not suit your style of playing. For an all-mahogany SE, I'd suggest the soundclips of SD pickups or the tips and clips section like wasteof02 said. A good starter would be a Jazz/JB or 59/JB combo. Covers a lot of ground.
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