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Classic Stack 4-conductor Single Coil Question

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  • Classic Stack 4-conductor Single Coil Question

    Hey guys,

    My Classic Stacks have 4-conductor cables. I disconnected them while doing some other stuff, and went to re-attach and noticed that the SD schematic shows the white wire going to the 5-way, and the black wire going to ground. No mention about the other two wires.

    It was originally wired (by Jackson) with the green wire to the 5-way and the black to ground (I think) with the white and red taped off together.

    What gives?

    And what do you guys usually do with the silver naked wire? I've been running it to ground. Is that right?


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    Re: Classic Stack 4-conductor Single Coil Question

    Hey Matt; Generally, with SD's, its black to 5-way, green and bare, (silver-naked), to ground.

    You can compare what you have to this schematic:

    Strat with humbuckers

    The Stratocaster schematics for humbuckers is listed under:
    Support>Schematics>Strat® Noise-Cancelling Pickups - drop down menu.