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Sooo...PG+ vs. 59? What's the diff?

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  • Sooo...PG+ vs. 59? What's the diff?

    I've heard it many times...the Pearly Gates plus is very similar to the 59, BUT NOT THE SAME.

    Okay, fine. So sonically, what's the difference? Sure I may be able to answer this question myself when I get my PGn, but screw it, I'm impatient. Sue me.

    Besides, I'd like to know what differences to look for. That would be helpful.
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    Re: Sooo...PG+ vs. 59? What's the diff?

    Well, if I'm not mistaken, the PG is a pickup with asymetrical coils, while the 59 has symetrical coils. Asymetrical coils (one coil wound slightly hotter than the other) usually gives more clarity and air to a 'bucker.
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      Re: Sooo...PG+ vs. 59? What's the diff?

      much brighter to my ear.. but i havent played a lot though

      the heights are 'chimier' if i can describe it with a word =P