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I need help!!!!!

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  • I need help!!!!!

    i dont have a clue what pickups to put in my usa tele. i have a hotrail(b) and a jeff beck jr (n) in my strat which i love but im not sure what to put in my tele. does anyone have any ideas???

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    Re: I need help!!!!!

    It really depends on the tones you are going for. The SD Tele replacement single coils are all cool if not different sounding and the Stacked Tele, lil59 and Hot Rails for Tele are also very cool if you want a humbucker type tone from the bridge.

    In the neck there are quite a few Strat replacement pickups that are also very nice in Teles.

    What is it that you want from that guitar?

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      Re: I need help!!!!!

      i would suggest a doctor.
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        Re: I need help!!!!!

        well i was thinking maybe a vintage coil or hum but im not sure. have you had experiences with any of these??


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          Re: I need help!!!!!

          Just so you know, Seymour Duncan has a 21 day "No Suck" garuntee for people just like you who simply can't decide. It bassically says that if you buy a new SD pickup from a participating retailer, if you decide you don't like how it sounds within 21 days of buying it, you can return it and get a pickup of equal value, or get the value of that pickup as credit towards another one.

          Now, for deciding which pickups you should buy in the first place, there are alot of samples using teles done by a member here named Stevo, he apparently hasn't read this thread yet, so I'll link to his sites.

          P.S. In the future, it would be best to make your thread title more specific. Some people would just not bother reading a thread entitled "I need help!!!!!", but if you had named the thread "I need help deciding on tele pickups", you might have got alot more people responding to this who had more specialty with tele pickups.


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            Re: I need help!!!!!

            ok cheers for all that. i think i might go with a tele size hot rail but ill have to see. cheers again.