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  • Meshuggah's sound

    What are they using to get their sound? I was lstneing to 'Sane', and then I listened to 'New Millenium Cyanide Christ' (from the Ozzfest album), and I would love to know what equipment they are using to get that sound. Anyone know?

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    Re: Meshuggah's sound

    Mårten Hagström's live setup couldn't be much simpler. His Nevborn seven- and eight-string guitars go into a Line 6 Pod unit by way of T.C. Electronic Booster and Sustainer boxes, and from there straight to the P.A. That's it. "The one drawback is if the monitor system craps out," he says, "but I've never heard myself better than I can hear myself now with the Pod."

    Fredrik Thordendal's gear list is only slightly more complicated. Before hitting the Pod, his Nevborns go through a DigiTech delay pedal and an old ADA rackmount delay, the parameters of which the guitarist controls with a homemade volume pedal. He also uses a modified Yamaha breath controller that allows him to literally blow some leads. When Thordendal solos, he keeps the rhythm section's sound beefed up by hitting a switch that activates an ART delay connected to Hagström's guitar signal; its ultrashort delay lends a simulated double-tracking effect to the rhythm guitar. Both Mårten and Fredrik use DR strings, gauges .009 to .060 (or .070 in the case of the eight-strings).

    In addition, both guitarists play Ibanez Universe 777 seven-strings, an assortment of Paul Reed Smiths, Gibson Les Paul Studios, Schecter Diamond Series models and a reissue Coral Electric Sitar. They occasionally play through Marshall JCM 800s.
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      Re: Meshuggah's sound

      Well he told you everything with extreme accuracy, i was just gonna say guitars with extra strings and lots of distortion...hahaha

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        Re: Meshuggah's sound

        When my epiphone 7 string still had the stock pickups, I could nail the rhythm guitar with high overdrive and radical EQ... I just scooped by 16 decibles everything from 200 to 800, and played in AEADGBE.