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can you uncover a mini-humbucker?

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  • can you uncover a mini-humbucker?

    I was looking at some pickup sites and i noticed that rio grande sells exposed coil mini humbuckers.

    I'd like to put a mini humbucker in the middle position of the tele I'm building, but I'd like it to be black so it kinda blends in with the pickguard. So I goues my question is, can you desolder and remove the cover of a mini-humbucker and it look like a mini-exposed-coil-humbucker like the rio grandes or will it be odd looking?

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    Re: can you uncover a mini-humbucker?

    Hi - this is my first post on this forum, so I'll send a general greetings post in a while, but to answer your question, no you cant. The pickup will fall apart if you remove the cover. The Rio Grandes are made that way specifically. The original Gibsons, the cover is an integral part of the pickup and can't be removed.

    Bummer, huh?
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      Re: can you uncover a mini-humbucker?

      thats sorta what i figured. since rio grande says something about having the only exposed mini's and i figure if it was as simple as taking the cover off someone woulda done it years ago.
      I guess I'll go to try two....
      Does anyone know if its possible to order a mini-humbucker from the custom shop with a black painted/anodized/whatever cover?