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What kind of pickup do I need?

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  • What kind of pickup do I need?

    Hey, I wondering if someone could suggest a pickup for me. I currently play a 1984 American Standard Strat, and I really like the sound I get from the treble pickup, the one that is closest to the bring. The problem I am having is that it has a real problem with humming. Is there a pickup available that would have this same tone, just without the hum? Thanks.


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    Re: What kind of pickup do I need?

    sounds like a Vintage Lead Stack
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      Re: What kind of pickup do I need?

      You're getting the hum because it's a single coil pickup. You could try one of the "lil" pickups as they are humbucking but in a single coil size. They wouldn't give you the same tone though. Sorry I can't be of anymore help.....I'm not much of a guru when it comes to single coils. You might could try one of the Fender Noiseless pickups.


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        Re: What kind of pickup do I need?

        Some of the single coil sized humbuckers give great tones, but not necessarily single coil sounding tones. If you click on my sound clips section below you can scroll down the page for some Lil 59' clips. Not a bad pickup.

        If you really like the single coil sound (which is sounds like you do) there are a couple of other things I can suggest first. #1 would be the wiring/shielding mod that I will post a link to. The main link is then look under wiring/modifications/quieting the beast. Well worth the time, and really cuts down on the 60 cyl hum. The 2nd thing I would suggest is getting a baseplate for your bridge pup from ,that will add a little extra beef if you want it.

        The Classic Stack and the Vintage Stack from SD will get you as close to a single coil sound from a noisless pickup as is possible. For a vintage (but not noiseless) tone the absolute best pups in the world are the Duncan Antiquities...barre none.

        Try the shielding tip I'm posting. It really will make a difference, it's one of the best things I did for my strat. I ordered an aluminum pickguard shield from Callaham instead of using the tin foil as the link suggests, just eaiser...and for $11 my time is more valuable.

        Wiring Schematic For Quiter Strat

        Let me know if I can be of any further help.
        My Sound Clips