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  • How to wire??

    I installed a Carvin pre assembled pickguard assembly on a coworker's strat. The assembly has 3 single coils, 1 volume, 1 tone and a toggle switch to turn the bridge pup on so you can have all 3 pups on in position 4 or neck/bridge on in position 5. Anyhow, we wanna change it to a more standard look so I have a push pull pot and want to make it a tone control like on a regular strat, but still have the ability to pull it to turn the pickup on.. How do I wire this??? Thanks!
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    Re: How to wire??

    is where I'd start.

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      Re: How to wire??

      If I were you, I'd draw a diagram of how my guitar is currently set up, and then when taking out the switch and adding a push-pull pot, I'd wire the special terminals on the pot exactly how the switch was wired.

      However, that's sort of an educated guess, it makes sense that it would work, but I don't really know for sure if it would, try that at your own risk. You might also want to check out the forums on for wiring help.