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grounding/sheilding whats yer method?

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  • grounding/sheilding whats yer method?

    I have noticed my american tele is grounded to a screw under the p'guard rather than under the bridge. What way do you guys go with grounding?

    Also I was wonder what you guys prefer copper or paint sheilding.

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    Re: grounding/sheilding whats yer method?

    i dont use either tape or paint, i dont get a whole lot of hum either (the area where the controls are has sheilding on the pikcguard) eventually ill get around to taping or painting, prl taping, seems easier.

    as for grouding - all my grounds run to the bridge, what i do is - run a line bridge to tone pot, and also one tone pot to vol pot. so that way i can ground lines on whatever is closer. for example, my pups are ground to the volume pot, which is ground to the tone pot. the output and 5way are both ground to the tone pot, which is gorund to the bridge.

    may increase hum a bit, but as i said, i dont get much (2 hums and a noiseless or hum-cancel single) and this way i dont ahve to worry about grounding, i know its all ground...
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      Re: grounding/sheilding whats yer method?

      i star-grounded everything when i rewired .. very quiet .. but then again, it is three humbuckers ...

      good luck
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        Re: grounding/sheilding whats yer method?

        I use four or five coats of StewMac shielding paint and run the ground wire straight to the jack.



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          Re: grounding/sheilding whats yer method?

          Follow the instructions at this link and you'll never be sorry. I've almost completed the wiring and shielding on my Highway 1 strat, and it's made a world of difference. Almost eliminated the 60cyl hum.

          Tele Shielding
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            Re: grounding/sheilding whats yer method?

            I use a few good coats of shielding paint and connect the individual cavities with screw eyes and wires. On axes I build myself, hits happens BEFORE the main paint primer (think classic Jackson style).

            Foil is good, but I only use it for Pickguards.
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