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3 mini hums, 500k pots?

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  • 3 mini hums, 500k pots?

    i'm going to take the single coils outta a newly aquired strat and fill it with 3 mini hums, i should use 500k pots, right? (JB jr lil59 lil 59)

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    Re: 3 mini hums, 500k pots?

    you could, I do w/ my stat w/ the hotrails. its personal choice, and since pots are so cheap, you can experiment and see what you like.
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      Re: 3 mini hums, 500k pots?

      I used 500k with the minihumbuckers in my Strat (but they were Antiquity Firebirds).
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        Re: 3 mini hums, 500k pots?

        It's not necessary, but I changed mine. I also used push/pull pots so I could split the coils.
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