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  • Nuno Bettencourt Sound

    HI people!
    Other than a washburn with a bill lawrence pup....what else have you found that delivers that pornografitti and three sides extreme album sounds?????
    thx a lot
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    Re: Nuno Bettencourt Sound

    ADA MP-1 preamp..and a few JCM800's....
    He was not big on effects I seem to recall....


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      Re: Nuno Bettencourt Sound

      Originally posted by Rid
      ADA MP-1 preamp..and a few JCM800's....
      He was not big on effects I seem to recall....
      besides the lawrence pup the main ingredient for his tone is th ADA MP-1 with vintage ampeg 4 x12 cabs. he also used a boss ME-5 for effects


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        Re: Nuno Bettencourt Sound

        VERY short delay on the really fast stuff ... like "Wounded Bumblebee" . He played every OTHER note, and the delay did the rest .... harder than playing it straight through, in my opinion. I saw Nuno on a very RARE date on LI after "Schitzophonic" came out ... and that's what he did to play that piece. It was amazing!! Also, he was playing Hughes & Kettner with a Washburn Princess guitar ... and some work with the N1; still had the classic 'Nuno' sound, tho!

        He was using a Lexicon processor, tho, and an Eventide processor, as well.
        Darkness on the edge of Tone
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          Re: Nuno Bettencourt Sound

          oh yeah he used a duncan 59n in the neck spot of the washburn