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Help identifying bridge pup

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  • Help identifying bridge pup

    I took my guitar apart today in hopes of finding out the manufacturer of my bridge pickup (its a humbucker). I bought my epiSG used so I never knew what it was. I was actually pretty excited when i was unscrewing it. I figured it to either be a seymor duncan or a dimarzio.
    So its a seymour duncan... and the only identifying feature on the back is a sticker that says '59BL'. the pickup is coloured creme&black. Its a pretty hot pickup, great for rock and crunchy distortion. Please help me identify it.
    Im positive that there are no other identifying marks on the pickup. The pole pieces on the bridge coil are screws, while the pole pieces on the neck coil are just poles.
    Anyhelp is much appreciated!
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    Re: Help identifying bridge pup

    heres what it was...
    '59B' - SH-1b - '59 Model, bridge
    SO I havea 59 in the bridge. It sounds good. Thanks, sorry i didnt notice a page where you could find out the pup type before, thanks


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      Re: Help identifying bridge pup

      In case you're wondering what the L stands's the initial of the person that made it.


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        Re: Help identifying bridge pup

        well... is there really a site where you can identify pups just based on the markings on the back?... also I guess some are quite self-explanatory... "59" lol
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