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  • Pickup advice needed ASAP

    Greetings all! I just purchased 2 SSL-2 pickups (Vintage Flats) to install in a H-S-S pickguard for my Carvin Bolt guitar. I ordered one regular and one RW/RP.

    Question 1: What is a good bridge humbucker that will blend nicely with these 2 single coils? Maybe a '59? I would like to get a nice sound in position 4 with the middle pickup and one coil from the humbucker. Are the individual coils from a '59 too weak for good splitting sounds???

    Question 2: Which of the two SSL-2 pickups (if either) would cancel hum when activated with the non-adjustable coil of a SD humbucker? Isn't it usually the non-adjustable coil that stays on when the red/white wire combo is grounded? It shouldn't matter if I use the RW/RP pickup in the neck or middle since either configuration would provide noise reduction in postion 2.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help/advice you can provide!



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    Re: Pickup advice needed ASAP

    in response to question 1, a 59 might be right up your alley. Of course then a JB might do well too, depending on your rig
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      Re: Pickup advice needed ASAP

      I would think the JB would be a fantastic pickup for you, and for anyone, but with those vintage flats it might be too great an output jump because the JB is a noticably higher output pickup.

      Id actually recommend something like a pearly gates for the bridge just to give you something a little bit hot but not overpowering output wise. A pearly gates, or even a seth would be a great choice.

      The seth would be more vintage, but i like my bridge pickups to be a bit (if not a fair bit) hotter than the others so that when i want that hotness its there, which is something i think every bridge pickup should be able to do. So on that note, id have to recommend the pearly gates, i think that would rock in the bridge of that guitar
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