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Replacement pups for Ibanez SA160?

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  • Replacement pups for Ibanez SA160?

    I recently bought an Ibanez model SA160 electric, cheap but nice, IMO I knew before buying I would be replacing the pups so now need some advice on what is compatible. The configuration is Hum Bridge, Single Middle and Single Neck. I have read through all the different styles and asked the Tone Wiz what he thinks too!!. What I have come up with is STk-S1 Neck, STK-S2 Middle and SH-4 JB for the Humbucker. The style I play is Jazz/Blues/Fusion and I need them to be quiet for home recording.

    I would really appreciate if anyone else has replaced pups on this Ibanez model or if what I have chosen is really suitable from a tech perspective.

    Any comments would be welcome! especially before I spend all my $s.


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    Re: Replacement pups for Ibanez SA160?

    if you want Jazz and blues, maybe you should put a cool rails in the neck, because it works well for the Jazz I've played.
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      Re: Replacement pups for Ibanez SA160?

      Thanks for the quick responses ;-) The guitar has a 5 position combination switch and that will be plenty for what I do, so no coil splitting at the moment.

      I was tossing around the rails option but went for the standard classic strat sound instead. I'll give it some more thought and listen to some sound samples though.



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        Re: Replacement pups for Ibanez SA160?

        greetings fellow Ibanez player... i'd be getting my SA260 soon, nothing too different from your 160... been eyeing it for some time already...

        i kinda like the default single coils in this model & they are for keeps. the bridge humbucker will have to go though. i have plans for a JB initially but i decided to opt for the APII instead. i tried a friend's epiphone equipped with this unit recently & liked how the pickup's performance under high gain- it has a polished midrange & react well under restrained volume.

        on another note, i have a Lil '59 in the neck of my S-S-H RG560 & it's immaculate, wouldn't dream of anything else. however, if you wish to keep your single coils true to their form, then duncan has lots of superb units to choose from.
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          Re: Replacement pups for Ibanez SA160?

          Hey man, I have that same guitar, but mine is the SA160QM (Quilted Maple top). I currently have 2 DiMarzio Blue Velvets for neck/mid and a DiMarzio Super Distortion in the bridge. I REALLY love the tone because the bridge gets me a fat metal shred sound and the single-coils give me a really sweet vintage tone. If you go with a combo like this, you have to be ready for the jump in output from single to humbucker. I like the single coils to be used for cleaner parts so my bridge really pulverizes and whatnot

          First, I had a Seymour Duncan JB in there, but I didn't like it. I thought it sounded a bit shrill (my amp settings are VERY bright). I think you should pick pickups based on your amp settings. Let it compliment your EQ. Duncan has a lot of treble heavy pups and DiMarzio tends to have the more mid/bass boosted pups.

          Since you seem to like cleaner/more classic styles, maybe go with a set of Duncans.
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