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H-S-S hum-cancelling questions

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  • H-S-S hum-cancelling questions

    The slug coil stays on when a Duncan humbucker is split, right???

    Given a H-S-S setup, my research indicates that the slug coil would need a standard single coil pickup in the middle position (as opposed to a RW/RP single coil pickup) to cancel hum in position 4 (bridge + middle) on a Strat 5-way switch.

    Can anyone confirm that this is correct? I want to get my installation right the first time. If this is right then I'll put the RW/RP pickup in the neck and have hum-cancellation in positions 2, 4, and 5.

    I'm using a Custom-5 and 2 SSL-2 Vintage Flats. Hope it's gonna sound good!

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Re: H-S-S hum-cancelling questions

    Welcome momitchell,

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      Re: H-S-S hum-cancelling questions

      Well having done this numerous times here is what I have found....

      A standard single like the SSL-1 and a standard humbucker will be noise-cancelling in position 4 if you follow the standard wiring diagram (polarity). The problem is that the two singles will not be noise-cancelling in position 2 unless you have one reverse-polarity single. The common mistake I have made is the put the rp single in the middle and wire it all up which gives me a noise-cancelling position 4 but position 2 is not noise-cancelling. Thje solution of course is to install the rp single in the neck and wire all pickups according to the diagrams (same polarity).

      There are other ways to do it like reversing the wiring on the humbucker which taps the other coil which I have done on some of my guitars but I like the rp in the neck solution the best and it is also the easiest.

      Hope this helps.
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