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  • les paul bridge pick-up

    I have 1989 59' reissue Les Paul that has always sounded a little thin, bright , cold and harsh to me. I have numerous other guitars and many Seymour Duncan pick-ups. I Usually prefer the Custom and 59 combo. I think my taste are changing now. The Custom is a little too aggressive and harsh at times, and I have tried Gibson 57 classics, Pearly Gates bridge and the original pickups. I tried a JB in a similiar guitar and did not like it.(Too dark). I have Seth Lovers in another Les Paul and am happy with them, but they are a little too vintage for what I'm looking for. I think the Custom Custom is what I'm looking for. I want something warm, smooth, and still able to cover 70' and 80' rock. I really like the 59's, seth lovers, alnico pro 11 NECK pickups I have in my guitars, but really have struggled finding the smooth and warm sound for the bridge position. I still want to cover everything from classic rock to hard rock and metal. How about some help all you tone wizards out there!! Thanks in advance. Larry

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    You basically described the Custom Custom. It'll cover the 70's and 80's rock. It's warm and smooth. You can play anything from classic rock to heavy rock with that pickup.


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      I just had a Custom Custom put in my son's Epi Les Paul . Warm and smooth is what I d call it.
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        The CC is a great choice as Jolly said. Antiqs are another possibility even though they're a bit lower in output.

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          Yeah id go with a custom custom, i dont think you'll be dissapointed.
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            a smooth and warm sound from the bridge of a lp sounds like a cc to me


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              Thanks everyone for the quick replies. I think I have to try the Custom Custom. My only problem is I may have to buy 11 more for my Les pauls, PRS's, Yamaha, Ibanez, custom made , strat thanks again, Larry
              p.s. am still open to suggestion!!!


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                Keep checkin ebay, dude !!! LOL
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                  My R7 's pretty bright. A little on the thin side. But I am very happy with my antiquity humbuckers.

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