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aph II 's or c5/59??????

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  • aph II 's or c5/59??????

    I can't decide what pickups to put in a les paul classic. the stocks are all right but not that great. i was thinkin c5/59 or jimmy page customs or aph II. I play hard rock(not metal)classic rock,blues,some punk. most of it is stone temple pilots, guns n roses, zeppelin type sounding. I've been drawn to the aphII 's because i love slash's lead tone and I have a les paul
    faded that has the 498 490's(alnico II's)and i love that guitar, very powerful and warm. and i looked at the c5 because of its description(more powerful vintage) and also the jimmy page for obvious reasons, plus i heard it was very unique sounding. well sorry it was so long, but any feed back would be awesome ,thanks

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    Re: aph II 's or c5/59??????

    How about C5/AII? Sounds like a winner to me.
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