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  • Volume knob question

    Hey all,

    Got a question. I'd like to have my volume knob reduce drive at the beginning of the turns, and then reduce volume at the end of the turns.

    What I mean is that I'd like to be overdriving at about 10, then turn the volume knob from say to 10 to 5, and have the tone clean up without loss of volume, and then be able to drop the volume once the knob gets around 3 to 1.

    Is this possible?

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    Re: Volume knob question

    I suppose anythings possible. . . but it would be difficult.

    You would either, need to convert the guitar to active electronics, then have the gain of the internal preamp adjusted just so, or . . .

    . . . you might be able to do this using an external compressor, like a DBX 163 or so, and adjust the output and compression very carefully, so that it would prevent the volume from dropping while you were overdriving your amp, then finally start to roll-off once you got down so far.

    It'ld be tricky, any way you do it.


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      Re: Volume knob question

      Hmm . . . or, get a blend pot. Make one side the volume control, make the other side the "gain" control on an internal overdrive circuit. As you started turning the knob "down", you'ld be lowering the gain of the overdrive circuit, while the volume section would be on the "flat". Then, when you hit the end of the "flat" of the volume control, there'ld be no more reduction of overdrive, and you'ld start turning down the volume.


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        Re: Volume knob question

        actually you dont have to do anything to your guitar. if you wanna be able to do that, you need a new amp thats very responsive to dynamics.
        i like to have my rig work about the same, at 10 on the volume a nice thick meaty crunch or overdriven lead tone with an overdrive pedal for loads of sustain. roll the volume back to about 5 and the volume doesnt drop much but the tone cleans up, keep going and it gets quieter. my marshall does this really well, with the guitar full up the amp is big and warm with a good amount of bite and sustain, roll back the volume to about 6 the bite smooths out and the tone cleans up. with lighter picking its very clean with heavy picking it barks a little, roll it back past 4 and it starts getting quieter. i use a boss sd-1 for the over the top screaming solos with this amp.

        my twin does a similar trick but substitute a rt66 for the sd1
        even the blues jr does it ok. turn it all the way up with the fat switch off and you get good crunch, roll back the volume and it cleans up.