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Help Please Kamikasi and Pickups

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  • Help Please Kamikasi and Pickups

    I just picked up a ESP ltd version of the George Lynch Kamikasi. It had the standard Duncan Design pups in it...(which did not really sound that bad) I play everything through a Boss GS-10 direct to PC. I got a deal on a Dimarzio Evolution and put it in.. and I think that it sounds like crap.. too bright and middy. What other Duncan pups would be good for the bridge for Metal/Industrial music. one thing that I liked about the duncan design that was in there was the pinch harmonics on it... very easy to do.

    Would a screamin Deamon be to bright?

    Thanks much!!!!

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    Re: Help Please Kamikasi and Pickups

    it sure works for george in that guitar. i dont play into a computer so i wont be much help, but there are a bunch of guys who do quite a bit of recording