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72 Telecaster Deluxe reissue

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  • 72 Telecaster Deluxe reissue

    I just ordered a 72 deluxe tele and am wondering what pickups i should go with for it. I have 59's in my sg and am really happy with them. I also really like gibson's 57 classic humbucker. The problem is does seymour make a pickup that mounts like the fender, with 4 bolts. Or will the pickguard have to be modified. Thanks
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    Re: 72 Telecaster Deluxe reissue

    you might just have seymour rewind those pickups to your specs or and i like thhis option better, get a new guard and a set of humbuckers that would fit. As for the pickups i would like to try a set of seths in a tele or the classic jb/jazz combo.
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