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what set for les paul?

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  • what set for les paul?

    my les paul is kinda dissapointing me right now, the distortion it has in it right now just isn't "me", it's too hot and too "metal!". plus it needs to be setup really bad as it cant keep in tune for crap! the whole guitar basically needs to be setup.
    i want a pickup thats clear, articulate, nto too hot. i want this guitar to be able to do every style of music for when im out gigging. i was first thinkging about a C5/'59 set, as i've seen people that swear by it, but i've also heard that it's not as it seems, some say it's muddy, and stuff. i like the guitar, but it's just not right,a s it is now.

    what do you think i should do?

    P.S. how is a pearly gates set? and how is the PG in neck with a C5 in bridge?

    thanks, Jim

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    Re: what set for les paul?

    I would think about a JB bridge, and then either a 59 or Jazz neck (jazz just because seymour swears by the JB/Jazz combo). The JB is a pretty versatile pickup and works for so many different styles.

    But if you want something less hot then maybe something like a pearly gates in the bridge would be good for you.

    Im personally thinking about getting a pearly gates bridge for my new es137, although the '57 classic its got is actually impressing me at the my surprise!
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      Re: what set for les paul?

      The JB is great for a Les Paul. Very punchy with great harmonics. The Pearly Gates is also a winner, I like the lead tone more. The PG has a very silky type sustain for single note leads. The C5 is pretty new to me, but the one I tested was in a Les Paul, and it was good... very full, with a fairly bright high end and tight lows. You really can't go wrong with any of these...
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        Re: what set for les paul?

        I think JB's are great in Les Pauls. They're punchy and articulate, just enough output to emphasize harmonics if you want. If you don't want that much punch, go with a Pearly Gates. They were originated for Les Pauls anyway.
        The tuning problem, I'm guessing isn't really the guitar, though, but possibly the way that you're putting your strings on. There may be an intonation problem, but that's pretty easily solved with a tuner and a screwdriver.