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C5/APII review

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  • C5/APII review

    just installed them yesterday in my LP, been playin all day,The APII in the neck sounds great,very warm and clear,The C5 rocks,maybe alittle more than I would like it to,(does'nt clean up as much as I would like) but sounds great just the same,and together they sound warm and full,much better than expected,If you got a combo close to this try this setting for a clean sound,w/switch in M pos.bridge V on 7
    bridge T on 3
    neck V on 9
    neck T on 10
    I have an RS kit that Im going to install this week,Rolling the volume back to try and clean the c5 up slightly does nothing with the stock pots and the tone pot shuts off at 3 when rolled back

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    Re: C5/APII review

    Helo there!

    What year is your LP and what were the stock compnonents such as pickups and pots, etc?

    Let me know how you like the R/S kit and if you install the bright cap.

    I have a 2003 LP Standard in which I removed the stock pickups (BB Pros) and 300k Gibby pots/.022 ceramic disk caps. I installed the R/S kit also (.022 Hovlans and 500k CTS pots). I still wasn't totally satisfied and then i installed the C-5 and it improved but I am still tinkering.

    I currently have a Rio Grande BBQ in the bridge but am waiting for a few gigs to make a decision on if I want to re-install the C-5 or try something like a Custom or PRS Dragon.

    Sometimes I think about going totally stock again.

    Are you in a band?
    Mojo's Minions
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      Re: C5/APII review

      I kinda got ahead of myself with saying that I had the kit, I was just informed that its been backorderd..oh well.......anyway its an 04 R7GT, I removed a set of BB's 1&2 that just sounded to harsh for my ears,I like the C5, just wish it would clean up alittle more,thats my reason for putting the RS kit in,I know I have CTS pots and Bumblebee caps,but my pots are useless for dialing anything in and I read some good reviews in the LPForum with guys putting them in thier 04 R7's,If it sill wont clean up to what I want I may switch to something with a lower output maybe a 59.........and yes,playing in a band,mostly blues and classic rock.


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        Re: C5/APII review

        Is the c5 a trembucker or regular humbucker? Check out the thread on "C5 eq scares me".
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