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What do you think of the Tele Stack pickups?

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  • What do you think of the Tele Stack pickups?

    I'm trying to kill two birds with one stone here, so to speak, and I wanted to see what you guys thought.

    The situation is that I have a G&L Legacy HB (SSH strat) that I have been wanting to try noiseless pickups in for a long time for the neck and middle (bridge is a JB). However, I do like the sound of it now and I don't want to mess it up. Now, I also have a Fender MIM tele that currently has a Rio Grande Vintage Tallboy in the neck and SD Little '59 in the bridge. The Little '59 is great for what it is, but I have been thinking of going back to a traditional-sounding tele bridge pickup because I have bridge humbuckers in all my guitars.

    My thought was that, since I am not as happy with the tele, I might change its pickups to Vintage Lead/Rhythm Stacks. If I were happy with those then I figured I would probably also be happy throwing some Classic Stacks into the Legacy. If not, then I could use the exchange policy on the Tele Stacks and get different tele pickups, since I want to change those anyway.

    Any thoughts on this idea? Thoughts on Tele Stack pickups or Classic Stack strat pickups?

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    Re: What do you think of the Tele Stack pickups?

    i really like the hot tele stack in the bridge of a tele, still sounds like a tele but has more punch.
    i use a set of classic stacks in one of my strats and i love em!!


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      Re: What do you think of the Tele Stack pickups?

      Cool. I know you've got experience with a ton of different pickups, so it's good to hear that you like them. I had considered the Hot Tele Stack too, since I always tend to like a hotter bridge pickup, but I don't want to lose too much of the traditional sounding tele bridge sound this time around (like with the Little '59). You think it still retains that vibe pretty well? Does it sound good clean as well? And finally, how does it balance with a Vintage Stack in the neck? I have problems balancing the volume right now with the Little '59 and the Vintage Tallboy and I don't want that to happen this time around.


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        Re: What do you think of the Tele Stack pickups?

        Bump......hoping jeremy will see this again.....or anyone else with experience with these pickups


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          Re: What do you think of the Tele Stack pickups?

          They should balance fine, I tried the Hot Stack, I liked it. It was still tele. Just a bit warmer, which I needed because I spell icepick t-e-l-e.
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            Re: What do you think of the Tele Stack pickups?

            I have the Tele Hot Stack/Vintage Stack neck combo in my Tele and it's all Tele, just with a little extra warmth and bite. I installed the Vintage Stack bridge/neck in one of my students Teles and that guitar sounds killer as well as being very Tele sounding.

            I am also a big fan of the Classic Stack Strat pickups.

            You'll have no worrys with any of those pickups.

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