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Your favorite HOT neck hummers?

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  • Your favorite HOT neck hummers?

    I tried something different over the last few days.

    Since Black Rose Customs was backordered on PAF style neck pickups, I exchanged my Jazz for a JB. I was surprised. I kinda liked it. I'm working to exchange for a DDn from the factory now, just sent out the JB today.

    But anyway, what hot neck hummers do y'all like? Why you like? The JB was my first hot neck pickup, but it won't be my last, that's for sure. I really like how the hotter pup creates a more distinct difference between neck position and middle position. With PAFs they always seemed a bit too similar. And I like how mellow and smooth they sound in the neck.

    What an eye-opening experience for me.
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    Re: Your favorite HOT neck hummers?

    the jb is a great nekc bucker in the right axe, can be a little too dense in some though, like a dark lp.

    i heard the sh5 custom in the neck of a few hamers and it was great for thick smooth singing leads


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      Re: Your favorite HOT neck hummers?

      so far the wolfgang neck pup,but i want to try others down the road.(JB,C5) for me a neck pup has to have a clean,high clarity tone with a bell like snap on the top end when distorted


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        Re: Your favorite HOT neck hummers?

        Screaming Demon in neck is like a Jazz on stero´d in a guitar that's not dark !
        sustain , definition and upper harmonics .