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Cool Rails In Strat Bridge?

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  • Cool Rails In Strat Bridge?

    I was thinking about replacing the bridge pickup in my strat with a cool rails, but I have a few questions. My lead sound is kind of a dry, Jimmy Page Les Paul-meets-tele thing. I've set the bridge flush and attached a tone control to the bridge pickup and can actually get my lead sound with a Fender Fat 50s bridge pickup, but I'm looking for more body for chords, and my co-guitar player just got a humbucker axe and I'm sounding a bit small in comparison.

    Some questions:

    I had a Lil 59 for tele at one point, and thought that it was a little too hot and was a little constipated in the mids. Will the cool rails be any better?

    How will it balance with regular strat pickups? Most of the Cool Rails up on Ebay are neck pickups. If I buy one of those will it help improve the balance between single coils and humbuckers?

    Will it have enough bite for my lead sound?

    Thanks - Josh

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    Re: Cool Rails In Strat Bridge?

    the cool rails neck will have the bite you need. its just a touch brighter than the bridge version with a little less output. personally id use a bridge version but you might like the neck better.
    it is a similar tone to the lil 59 but i think the rails add a little clearer tone to the mids and add a touch of highs