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signal boost for acoustic tube. HELP!

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  • signal boost for acoustic tube. HELP!

    I just purchased the acoustic tube and am satisfied overall. However, I am getting a weak signal. I tried running it through a direct box, and that helped, but still have the problem. I run it through a Korg stompbox tuner, Boss Compression/Sustainer, danelectro Danecho, and Boss loop station. Without all of these and just going straig to my crate acoustic amp, there is not much difference. Any Suggestions?

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    Re: signal boost for acoustic tube. HELP!

    sorry. but what is the "acoustic tube"??


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      Re: signal boost for acoustic tube. HELP!

      "acoustic tube" is a microphone/pickup made by seymour duncan that slips into the soundhole of an acoustic and has a volume knob. It has some sort of technical mumbo jumbo that picks up the "natural" sound of the guitar while minimizing feedback, and it does that very well. I can even use it with a compression/sustainer cranked up and not much feedback. The problem is that I have to crank up my amp much more than normal to get the sound. I'm looking for a fix for this problem. Any advice?


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        Re: signal boost for acoustic tube. HELP!

        Are you using an acoustic amp with a built in pre-amp?? If not, get a Fishman pro EQ II Out board pre-amp. It does wonders for pop in pickups !!!! ( any of the fishman acoustic guitar pre-amps are Excellent. The Pro EQ II isn't expensive, and it's a great pre-amp ).
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          Re: signal boost for acoustic tube. HELP!

          Hey camj45 -- thanks for the post and welcome to the forum.

          The SA-1 Acoustic Tube is a low-output pickup. That's one of the reasons it sounds so natural.

          Perhaps if you used the SFX-01 Pickup Booster Pedal, you'd get the gain boost you're looking for. 25dB is a lot of gain!

          I hope that helps.


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