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I bought Duncan Hot Stacks for my Jazz

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  • I bought Duncan Hot Stacks for my Jazz

    Well, I did it. Per your suggestions, I bought the Hot Stacks for my Jazz bass.

    I did as much homework as I could as far as finding out what pickups ought to work well with my bass, the rig I'm using and the style I play.

    I hope they suit my playing style and desired tone.

    They're on special order so it'll be a couple weeks before they're even installed and ready to be heard. I can't wait.

    I play Rock. I play through an Ampeg SVT Classic and Eden cabs.
    I want a Hum-canceling pickup with more output than stock.

    Did I make the right choice on the Hot Stacks? Or Duncans for that mattter?

    '98 Fender Big Apple Strat
    Evil Red Knob "The Twin"

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    You made a great choice ["right" varies from situation to situation. I have Hot Stacks in a P/J setup and love 'em. I'm in the process of installing QP for J in another setup.
    '69 Fender Mustang bass
    '69 Gibson EB-1
    '76 Rickenbacker 4001 w/SD for Rick N & B
    '76 Fender Precision w/Dimarzio Model P
    '84 MIJ Fender Jazz Bass Special w/SD Hot for P neck & Dimarzio Model J for bridge [BEAD tuning]
    '99 Fretless MIJ Fender Precision/'87 MIJ Fender Squier Jazz hybrid w/SD QP for Jazz
    '12 MIM Fender Jazz w/Dimarzio Model J
    '14 Fretless Warmoth Custom T w/ SDCS Stack for SCPB N & B


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      Don't sweat it, you'll love them as much as I do.

      T4D got a new gig!

      (Please send sig worthy material!)


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        I was searching for some positive reinforcement.
        Glad you guys are stoked on your HS pups too.

        It always seems to happen in the waning moments after a big purchase. Not sure why.

        '98 Fender Big Apple Strat
        Evil Red Knob "The Twin"