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Pickup combination for RG-520

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  • Pickup combination for RG-520

    I'm looking for a pickup combination for my Ibanez RG-520 that will keep up with my Les Paul running through a Peavey 5150 II. The body is maple as is the neck. The fretboard is rosewood. A local dealer recommended a Screamin' Demon in the bridge and a Pearly Gates in the Neck. Will this suffice or is there a ballsier combination? For rock/metal. Clarity is a must.

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    Re: Pickup combination for RG-520

    hmm, for mainly rock/metal i would think a DD or PATb-2 bridge would be an excellent choice. and as for neck a screamin demon would be cool or a full shred.
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      Re: Pickup combination for RG-520

      Kent, there are alot of people who have pickup combos that give them a ballsy rock/metal tone, but to each person, what constitutes a ballsy rock/metal tone is different. I suggest you browse through the tips and clips forum and and for some pickup clips and make your own decision.


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        Re: Pickup combination for RG-520

        The Duncan Custom is famous for it's fat, yet articulate sound. It'll balance out more than most pick ups, especially in a bright axe like yours. It is however very agressive, but since you also want to play Metal it could be a cool bridge pup. Although it's a hot pick up, it won't mud up in high gain situations, it actually does the oposite.
        A nice neck to pair with the Custom would be either the Jazz or '59. The Jazz is more articulate, less harsh but more smooth and has more mids. The '59 has some sparkly-ness, with more bite. Your pick!
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