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Seth Lover neck vs. Pearly Gates neck

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  • Seth Lover neck vs. Pearly Gates neck


    Both are alnico ll pickups that are based on a PAF design.

    What are the differences in sound?

    Which has less bass?

    Which has more treble?


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    Re: Seth Lover neck vs. Pearly Gates neck

    Well I know the Seth will have more bass. The thing that's so attractive to many guitarists about the PG is that it doesn't have a lot of bass, so unlike many other neck pups, it doesn't get muddy. It has more treble too I believe, but it isn't harsh, the highs are nice and smooth and crunchy.
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      Re: Seth Lover neck vs. Pearly Gates neck

      koro your right on man. he nailed the description and the problem. ever switch between neck and bridge and heard a loss of base tone hit your amp. the neck pickup can seem to have way to much base leaving you working your tone nob trying to dile it out. with the pealry gates neck you get all the sweetness (and its full sweetness-not too thin sounding) and when you switch back to bridge you dont have big loss of base makeing your bridge pickup sound nasely or all treble. and the pg neck sounds realy nice and fat distorted but not to much base as some on this forum have complained the 59neck has. pg neck split sounds pretty close to how a single coil sounds becouse the tone is brighter on this pickup like a single coil naturaly is bright.
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