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Magnet Swaps completed in SD and Gibson Humbuckers. 59 is next...

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  • Magnet Swaps completed in SD and Gibson Humbuckers. 59 is next...

    After reading these forums for years, this week I joined and completed several magnet swaps for the first time into afew humbuckers and into afew different guitars.

    JB > RC A8
    BBP > RC UOA5
    Angus Young Signature > A8
    59/Custom Hybrid > RC A8

    The JB was a much different beast and I much preferred this version, not a super fan of the stock. This was my first attempt. But I think overall I'm not a fan of super hot pups.
    BBP are really shrill. This magnet massively improved it. I am suss on how the short RC A5 were installed in all BBPs. Mine had the magnet all the way over the high E side, with barely any magnet over the low E end poles. Im not sure if this slightly responsible for shrill sound commonly associated with BBPs but either way the longer RC UOA5 made the BBP at least usable.
    The Angus Young Signature pup is better but this is the 2nd lower output version of around 9.3k and I have never liked it. The original Gibson AYS was my favourite pup with more output around 12 k and sounded so much fatter, unfortunately that got stolen. This version just feels like it it getting constantly getting choked. An A8 fixes it to some degree but it will probably be replaced.
    The 59/Custom with a RC A8 is awesome. I had been looking for something to go in the SG that really pumps and the 59/Custom fits it in really well. It also gets a really nice strat tone when split. I liked this PUP before the magnet swap but this now just fattens everything up. It's definitely staying in.

    A8s I think take any PUP and gives it a boost while levelling/smoothing things out to a degree. Maybe theres more clarity in the smoothing out... Im not exactly sure but I prefer the change.
    RC magnets I think are just not as present as polished. Maybe gives the impression of a slightly lower output. But they take away the harshness. I like them.
    +1 For those with covers, simply cutting through the solder (patiently) and then resoldering it after is the best method by far.

    Im removing the AYS pup which is in a Les Paul and replacing it with a SD 59. I know this has been done to death but in saying that maybe peoples opinions may have changed over the past decade. What are peoples thoughts on the stock 59? What did you find beneficial in switching to an A8 or RC UOA5 or even an A4...

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    I'm not into hot pickups. I like PAFs.

    The 59 is one of my favorites for magnet swapping.

    Replacing the polished A5 magnet with roughcast A5 seemed to warm the treble, add some mids, add some toothy texture and loosen the bass slightly.

    Polished was slightly brighter. I think the stronger the magnetic field, the brighter the tone and polished A5 might have a stronger charge and magnetic field than rough A5.

    I liked UOA5, but not as much as RCA5. Seemed like I could do pinch harmonics easier with RCA5. UOA5 seemed a bit cluttered.

    The 59 sounds great with an RCA2 neck and RCA4 bridge. That's how my set is being used right now in my PRS SE Singlecut.

    Kind of a '57 PAF for the neck and a '59 PAF for the bridge.

    When I had RCA2 in both the 59N and 59B I felt the set sounded a lot like my Antiquity humbuckers...but not quite as robust because the 59 isn't wound to as high a DCR as the Antiquitys.
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