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middle/neck in series on strat- how does this perform in a hi-gain lead tone setting?

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    In regards to running the 2 singles in series (but without any de-mud capacitor), this is something with which Id experimented a bit, a few years back basically I would say it sounds similar to a neck humbucker, with the tone backed off a bit. Not exactly the same as that, but the same ballpark.

    I found it nice for melodic playing, not so much for chords.

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      Wiring the bridge + middle pickups of a strat in series- gave me the best "tone" I ever had from a guitar.

      Never tried middle + neck, though, as the guitar lacked a neck pickup.

      I'd say; give it a go- maybe you like it, even love it.

      I miss my old strat; it had humbucker output, but with a different, very nice sound. I didn't find it too dark at all.

      If somethings important- send a PM. I might be offline for long periods. Rock on!!!