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Do the Sat night specials come in 53mm?

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  • Do the Sat night specials come in 53mm?

    I love how they sound in my Les Paul style guitar. They match perfectly with my new Friedman amp, Therefore I would like to get a pair for my Floyd equipped guitar but cannot seem to find some in the 53 mm spacing. Do I need to contact Duncan or?

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    It's called Trembucker spacing, and it's not quite 53mm. It's designed in the Imperial System, as 2.70", which is 52.6 mm. AFAIK, this particular spacing is unique to Duncan. Gibson T spacing is Imperial and fractional, at 2 1/16", which is rounded to 52.4 when expressed in millimeters. DiMarzio is Metric at 51 mm (almost exactly 2 inches). I think most pickup builders use the Gibson convention, or one of the common Metric conventions, i.e. 52 or 53 mm. DiMarzio is on the narrow end of the spectrum for both spacings, so much so that their F spacing is often the "correct" choice even for the neck position.

    It is available on the SNS, but it has to be special ordered. That means you need to find a retailer who has decided to special order it that way to keep in stock, or you need to special order it that way yourself.

    IMO, it's not worth the extra work and extra cost. Using a humbucker in the bridge spot with a Floyd isn't going to hurt your sound in any way. The most famous Floyd tones ever recorded were made with standard spaced pickups. If you find one already in stock, sure, it'll look a little neater, so go for it. But I wouldn't bother special ordering.
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      right, they are available. i have two sets with trembucker bridges, but i dont know if it really matters. i wanted zebra under nickle covers so had to special order anyway which is why i got trembuckers