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  • Out of Phase horror

    Hey there,
    I thought i tested that enough, but now there is a mess in that highly complex circuit:
    My neck Single coil is North and has variable non reverse and reverse wiring, since i can flip the cables.....
    The way i chose the cables of that neck Single coil it will be in Phase with the south coil of my humbucker or the middle single coil..
    But it used to be in Phase with the humbucker beeing out of Phase at the same time; the humbucker is taken out of Phase to Match with that neck Single coil but its not working... I thought it was when i tested it?!.. Horror

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    Sounds like the script for a new Stephen King movie. :/

    sorry I haven't had enough coffee to properly give an answer. Best luck!

    If somethings important- send a PM. I might be offline for long periods. Rock on!!!


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      Indeed a bit hard-to-follow description. Anyways I tried my best here to undestand your problem and it seems to me that your problem is not related to the phases but that your humbucker is not working after wiring up the guitar. In that case, 99,9% of the time its bad solderjoint. Also, while I'm nut much of a guru, but for the real gurus to be able to help, some clear pictures of the wiring will be needed. Just in csae it's that 0,1% when all the joints are absolutely perfect and the culprit is not the solderjob.


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        I really don't get a clue to what's going on from your description, but if you'll include some clear pics of your wiring and all connections and perhaps a better description, I'm sure we'll be able to help you.
        Originally Posted by IanBallard
        Rule of thumb... the more pot you have, the better your tone.


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          Lost interest?

          Got pics?
          Originally Posted by IanBallard
          Rule of thumb... the more pot you have, the better your tone.


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            So, the number one question is actually, did i get a proper sound when i had the neck single coil wired parallel to an out of phase bridge humbucker? I think i did.
            I can have the middle single coil be parallel to bridge in phase, isnt it?
            In my set up the neck single coil obviously pairs beautifuly with middle and bridge-south coil.
            Now the neck single parallel with the bridge out of phase has got cancelled frequency qualities rather than what i had heard in the tests before...
            So i did one change for testing, i flipped the neck single coil wires and the it paired nicely with out of phase bridge, but neck +middle/bridge-south is cancelled then...

            I am not even sure if the bridge out of phase is really out of phase since i was also rotating amps.
            (i have in position 5&1 the bridge humbucker, in 5 out of phase + slight bass cut and in 1 in phase with slight bass cut; so two things help to differntiate the sound, thus iam not sure if i only hear one property alternating the sound or if its both)

            Is there something that can prevent my out of phase wiring from beeing out of Phase?
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