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  • Custom Shop Rewind?

    Hello all, I have this old Japanese guitar that I'm cleaning up and I am intrigued by these pickups. The pots are 500k so I am wondering if they are mini P90 types with bar magnet. You think they're worth an SD rewind/rebuild...maybe worthy enough to drop in a Strat?

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    Originally posted by revolution View Post
    You think they're worth an SD rewind/rebuild...maybe worthy enough to drop in a Strat?

    But what do I know?

    I never liked Gold Foil pickups or the gawd awful Harmony guitar that was my first electric guitar and now they're fetching big dollars.
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      Do they actually need to be repaired? If not...then don't. Just wire them up to something and see how they sound. If so...almost certainly not worth paying someone else to do it, in the monetary sense. Maybe worth learning on, yourself.
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        If it was something you wanted to pursue, contact the Custom Shop here.
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          From what little I can see from the pics, I have almost that same guitar. Except mine doesn't have that super-cool scroll work around the pickguard. That is sweet. It appears to be a Teisco or similar. If those pups work, I'd leave them alone, for their classic vintage vibe. If they don't work, that's different. My neck pup reads open. My bridge pup is 5.12k, so, definitely not P-90's.

          If you decide to get them rewound, (and as much as I hate to come into Seymours forum and recommend someone else), there are folks here who can rewind these for way less than the Custom Shop. Dave Plummer, (Zhangliqun), for one. He rewound my broken SSL-5, and it's my favorite Strat middle pup.

          But wait for others to chime in. Cool project. Let us know how it progress's. (Pics of full guitar?)

          (Three people responded while I was typing.)