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What is the best upgrade to get more positions from a 3-way guitar?

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    Single volume is the only knob - no tone controls? Then the S1 is probably the simplest option, seems handier than a push-pull to me.

    I actually prefer having separate split switches when I can, since I like split neck tone better than split bridge tone.

    Depending on the strength of your humbuckers, you could go with resistor splits like the DGT wiring - ideal for vintage output pickups.

    I like a rotary myself. Been using one on my favorite PRS since '87. Don't find it difficult, or prone to missed settings.
    At first I thought I might have trouble getting used to it, after years with Strats & Les Pauls. But it was never a problem.
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      Originally posted by Top-L View Post

      I didn't know the S1 was a thing. It looks like a variation on the push/pull except with a central button.

      If I have too much free time, I could do a six-way toggle with a push pull for 12 sounds.
      The S1 is two DPDT's in one case. (Like two push-pulls.) So, you can actually do two humbuckers series/parallel with one physical switch. And there is the "Tele-style" metal knob/button. I have both. But I haven't installed them yet, because they DO have a "cheap-ish" feel to them. And that's a shame. The S-1 switch is a cool idea. Just implemented poorly.


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        I've used my S1 hard for a long time. Nothing cheap about them. They are the best push/push switch I've ever used, and will put their reliability up there with any push/pull. It is a really elegant and ergonomic switch.
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          That's good to know. I should try mine out. It's the actual plastic switch itself that seems a bit fragile to me. I need to find an app for it.