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SSL-1 compared to fender fat 50s?

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  • SSL-1 compared to fender fat 50s?

    I have the fenders, what do the SSL-1s sound like by comparison to them? (demos do nothing for me as the guitar and amp completely change things)

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    The SSL-1's sound like pre-CBS 50's and 60's Strat pickups. With your amp set for clean they have glassy clean, transparent tones. Plenty of bass. Not a lot of mids.

    Classic Strat tone like you hear from Hendrix or SRV when they're playing clean and without much distortion. Like The Wind Cries Mary, Little Wing and Riviera Paradise tones.

    Your Fat 50's drive the amp harder and probably sound fatter, fuller and less glassy to you than 50's and 60's Strat pickups would.

    They're a really good pickup, as are the SSL-1's.

    The SSL-1's are my second favorite Duncan Strat pickup, with the very similar sounding Antiquity Surfers being my #1 favorites.

    I tell my friends who balk at the price of the Surfers to go for the SSL-1's.

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      Yes, the SSL-1 doesn't sound is clean and clear with more highs and lows than mids...just like traditional late 50s Fender pickups.
      Dave, Ambassador/Writer/Artist for Seymour Duncan