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  • STK 4 question

    When split, is the STK 4 an SSL 1 / 2 in tone?
    Last edited by EC Strat; 08-14-2020, 08:22 AM.

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    similar yes but not exactly the same


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      A word about splitting the STK4. Don't bother. There is so little, and I mean you better not have any other noise going on anywhere near you little, difference between split and noiseless that it's better to leave it as noiseless. I wired them up to a toggle switch when I had a neck and middle version out of curiosity.


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        i agree. i do hear a subtle opening of the top end but its not enough that i bothered to split it on any other guitar after that first test


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          I do the auto-split of my STK-S6 when in neck or bridge with an SSL-1 in the middle. I remember Frank Falbo recommending it for a better quack but never compared stacked vs split tone. I just do it to avoid buying a Super Five Way switch and the SSL-1/2 is easier/cheaper to find for me. By the way, the SSL-1 is the regular one, no need for RWRP in the middle when using any of the Duncan STK pickus, this was I still get hum cancelation.
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