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Wiring NYC Bass Pickup to Fender S-1 Switch

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  • Wiring NYC Bass Pickup to Fender S-1 Switch

    Hello all,
    I recently purchased a Seymour Duncan NYC Bass Passive Soapbar neck pickup for my Jazz Bass (i have a Hot Jazz single coil for the bridge). It's amazing and I love the sound of it so far, but I'd like to use the four conductor series/parallel option as well... I have a Fender S-1 Switch that I got a while back and I'd love to wire it to the NYC pickup - it fits perfectly for my Jazz Bass setup and it would allow me to switch between series and parallel effortlessly. However, the wiring setup for the S-1 has been confounding me to no end - I do my own (basic) wiring for guitars/basses and they all work fine, but with this setup I'm just feeling overwhelmed by not really knowing where exactly to solder the wires from the NYC pickup to the S-1 for this.
    I've been researching all over the internet and while I've found some S-1 switch wiring diagrams for bass, I haven't found anything that really helps me for my particular situation.

    Would anyone here be able and willing to help me?

    It would be a simple setup of neck NYC pickup going to the S-1 Switch/Volume Pot, bridge Hot Jazz going to its own Volume Pot, Tone knob, Input Jack - that's it.