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Need help w/ 80's Seymour Duncan - Did they change wire color start / finish ever?

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    I think this is worth emailing SD about directly, maybe even the Custom Shop.

    The DCR is on par for the Screamin' Demon and the coils look legit, but the whole circuit board thing looks too well done (aside from the trimmed corners) to be unintentional. I wonder if this was indeed a prototype of something. Maybe SD was testing a new manufacturing process for the trembuckers, though I'm not sure what the advantage would be? Never seen anything quite like it...


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      Got any SD contact insider info that would be more likely to elicit a response, as opposed to just emailing some generic consumer email address?

      As far as I can remember, this was in a Charvel Fusion 5, which was made between 1989 and 1991. I said 1987 in the original post, but I apparently was off by two or three years. Originally, looking online, that guitar would have shipped with Jackson J-90C humbucker in the bridge, and I--thinking back, trying to remember--had thought that my SD pickup was earlier than that and that someone put it in as a used pickup sometime later on. But as Masta C said previously in this thread, my pickup is from right there in that time frame from 91 or 90, so that does indeed coincide with the 89-91 time frame that the guitar was produced in as well.

      So perhaps it came with the guitar new and was a special order. I don't know. The guitar was parted out and I may have the neck plate somewhere, but that's it, besides this SD.
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        I sent a message to the custom shop. We'll see if they get back to me.