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Phat Cat vs P-Rails (P-90 side)?

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  • Phat Cat vs P-Rails (P-90 side)?

    It's been years since I had my Phat Cats, and I'm getting ready to install my P-Rails. Speaking strictly of the P-90 side of the P-Rails, has anyone compared them?

    The specs are:

    Phat Cat (twin A2's): N: 7.98k, B: 8.49k
    P-Rails P-90 (twin A5's): N: 7.17k B: 10.14k

    I'm guessing, because of the A2's, that the Phat Cats might be more "polite."

    Thanks all.

    Edit: And even better, how about A5's in Phat Cats?
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    I've never owned a Phat Cat but I've heard lots of clips that sound very good. Because of its A2 magnets I always thought it would sound too "polite" and I never got excited enough about that to lay down the $$ for one. But the clips I've heard actually sound very alive, bright, and punchy like you'd expect a good P-90 to sound like.

    I've got lots of P-Rails, lots of P-90's from many different brands, and I've got lots of P-90's in humbucker size. There are actually a lot of differences in their sound and performance, even comparing them with the same magnets. They all sound good (I really love P-90's) but the P-90 coil in the P-Rail is one of my favorites, no matter what magnet I put in it (but my preference is A5).

    The reason I've never owned a Phat Cat, and thus never made a direct comparison to the P-Rails, is because the humbucker-sized P-90 pups from GFS are so great and only about $30. Their Mean 90 used to be my favorite due to its full-bodied flavor with big mids, but I've grown more fond of their Dream 90 lately because it sounds brighter and more articulate...more like the P-Rail's P-90 coil but with less low end. I think I still like the P-Rail slightly more, but they all sound so great how can you choose?!

    Oddly enough, my least favorite P-90 was from a Gibson LP Goldtop. It just sounded bland and blah no matter which magnets I put into it.

    Anyway, let us know what you think of the P-Rail compared to your Phat Cat. The REALLY great thing about the P-Rail (in addition to its super P-90 tone) is the tonal options available because of the additional Rail coil.
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      That's great info Doc. Exactly what I was wondering. I don't have my Phat Cats anymore, however, I do have a pair of Dream 90's in my Iceman. This will be cool. I'll be able to compare them side-by-side.


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        Keep in touch.
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        Rule of thumb... the more pot you have, the better your tone.


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          Absolutely. But two more customer guitars came in, so my own projects take a back seat again. Dang, I wish these customers would go away.


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            I think the P90 coil of the P Rails neck is the best P90 in a humbucker size that I've ever tried...but it's tied with the DiMarzio Bluesbucker.

            The P90 of the bridge version is nice too, but I find the pickup pretty useless in series mode. Too hot IMO. So I use two neck models in my P-Rails set. If I want a bit more heat from the bridge, I use it as a series humbucker.

            The Phat Cats are too squishy IMO.
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              I know it is not a popular option but I love my P-Rail bridge in the humbucker position. It is a solid hard rock/metal pickup.

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                To me, the P-90 coil of the P-Rails sounds more like an authentic P-90. It was also, by far, my favorite sound in a P-Rails.
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                  Thanks guys. This works perfectly with the wiring scheme I've come up with. If I get spare moment, I'll wire it up and tell you how it worked out.


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                    I've had both Phat Cats & P-Rails in my SG, and this is what it looks like currently:

                    The P-Rails' P-90 coils sound like the P-90s I'm used to from 60s-style SG Specials, while I just couldn't get along with the Phat Cats. They sound great in the Hamer Newports they were designed for, but in my SG the bridge was weak & honky while the neck was muddy & dull.
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                      That's killer. Especially with the Bigsby, that I'm not usually a fan of.