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Anyone else compared an SD Sentient to a Suhr SSV neck? Here are some of my thoughts

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  • Anyone else compared an SD Sentient to a Suhr SSV neck? Here are some of my thoughts

    Would be curious to hear others' thoughts, even though I actually have both. Mine are in guitars so different that I do not feel I can accurately compare what I am hearing:

    I feel the SSV does have a little more of a "vintagy" feel; a little more open and bell-like, yet still handles high gain very well, with clarity. Also, best sounding split humbucker I've heard so far; in my 25.5 scale guitar, it gives me a convincing single-coil "feel." Also love how the pole with the screws is the north pole; it's meant to be split in parallel with both inner coils active on a HH guitar.

    I feel the Sentient has some similarities, with a few key differences:
    • It has a little more mids, and that probably contributes to it sounding slightly darker. I've mentioned this before, but I actually think the mids (particularly low-mids?) are a bit too much (sounds kind of like talking with a stuffy nose on *some* notes; it's not extreme, but I hear it sometimes. And my guitar is already pretty bright). I've tried to compensate by rotating the pickup 180 degrees, and raising the screws (which on on the coil closer to the bridge now) up pretty high. This has actually helped a lot. Next, I'm going to try taking the tone control out of the neck-only position. Another idea that was recommended was to swap the magnet for a ceramic magnet, but I'm not ready to try that just yet (worried about compromising the current "warmth" of the sound)
    • I think it might have a little more "liquidy-ness;" that is, some harmonics pop out that make it feel juicier. This is really what I love about it. It has this thickness/richness that doesn't compromise its dynamic response and ability to get some bell-like overtones.
    Curious if anyone has tried them in the same (or similar) guitar(s). My Sentient is in a Carvin Alder/maple neck-through w/ rosewood fingerboard; SSV is in a Suhr okoume/khaya neck bolt-on w/ pau ferro fingerboard.