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What are the Dualities like?

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  • What are the Dualities like?

    I've heard a couple of demos. They sound nice. But no context of what they sound like compared to other pickups.

    So what are they like? How do they compare to, say, standard Blackouts? I'm not a huge fan of the standard BO's bloated low-end or over-the-top output, TBH. Wonder if these are any tighter/not as bassy. How do they compare to something like the EMG 57? What's the output like? Is it ridiculously hot like the standard BO's or is it more controlled?

    Any clips where they're compare to something EMG or perhaps a JB or something familiar like that?

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    Compared to Blackouts? Much more open, bigger bottom, not nearly as tight, but WAY more reasonable output-wise. That was my biggest beef with the BO's. Good tone, but the preamp was a raging alcoholic signal-wise.

    Compared to EMG 57? Bigger, looser bottom end, less crunch, more classic sounding. Probably similar in terms of output, though I didn't compared them back to back.

    Good luck on finding clips. There may be some out there, but the Dualities suffered very poor marketing from SD and zero follow-up. Supposedly, the Duality platform was going to be SD's "new thing" in terms of actives and you can supposedly mag swap them due to their more conventional construction, but SD went silent about them shortly after they were introduced.

    EDIT: Listen to the PRS 57/08 set...probably the closest voicing-wise to the Dualities. That said, the Dualities have a really big low end that takes a bit of tweaking to balance out.
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      Interesting. Thanks for the description. Not sure how I feel about the "big low end" part. Are they PAF-voiced, then?


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        Yes, the Dualities are definitely more PAF-like. Like I said, the voicing is very close to the PRS 57/08. I had a PRS with those at the same time and was surprised how close they were tonally.


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          Originally posted by Rex_Rocker View Post
          I'm not a huge fan of the standard BO's bloated low-end or over-the-top output, TBH. Wonder if these are any tighter/not as bassy.
          sounds like the EMTYs are the ones you should look at


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            The EMTYs are clear and punchy, with a ton of upper mids compared to the regular BO's, but they are REALLY stiff on the bottom...moreso than the 81, believe it or not


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              Are the EMTYs less hot than the standard BO's? I wouldn't want them to be PAF-type in output, just hotter than average EMG level (sorta like the 57) but not quite Het Set/AHB-1B level. But that's just wishful thinking.

              TBH, I've wanted to try those for A LONG time, but what has kept me from it has been: first, my bad experience with the standard AHB-1B, and second, I don't like Slipknot or their tone.
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                As I recall, the EMTY were similar to the original BO's in terms of output signal. It's that dang BO preamp...just pushes things more than it needs to


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                  the EMTY is waaay less output than the ahb-1.
                  those are ridiculous hot. for me unusable. totally agree with you‘re description on them.

                  i just reinstalled the AHN-3b with an emg 60x on the neck. i say it‘s a bit hotter than the emg 81x that was in there 10 mins before


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                    had another session with them.
                    definitely less hot then the AHB-1s.
                    with the 60x in the neck the volume step from neck to bridge is like with a 59 to a custom 5 or JB in the bridge. the bridge is hotter alright but in the ballpark. if i turn it down the vol. on the guitar to 8 it‘s about the same level.

                    with the blackouts had to turn my amp to the lowest gain setting (9:00: lower and it gets too muddy) but had to turn down the vol. of the guitar down to half or something. than it was around emg levels.
                    with the emtys full up the sweetspot is around 10:00 on the amp.


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                      Interesting! Very much on my must-try-list now!


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                        Bumpity! Anyone can compare the Dualities to the EMTYs and perhaps to something EMG?

                        These are all fully compatible, right? I just have to plug and unplug the quick connects, right? All use 25K pots?
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                          You're not going to find many that can compare the Dualities to other pickups and I've given you a pretty good idea of what they are like. Have you had a listen to the PRS 58/08 pickups I mentioned? Honestly, I think you already have the information you need.

                          EMTY = hotter, tighter, stiffer, big upper-mids presence

                          Dualities = Bigger, looser bottom end, chewier midrange, broader sounding top end, more open overall. Sort of a modernized PAF voicing, but with active attributes.

                          Want clinical, crunchy, modern and cutting? EMTY

                          Want more controllable output, more "give" in the response, glassier highs and a slightly more vintage character? Dualities

                          Yes, they are compatible formats (quick-connect, 25K pots, etc)


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                            You're right. EMTY is probably more what I want, then. Thanks!


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                              To be clear, I really liked the EMTY set and preferred them over the original Blackouts. They are a bit stiff, but can even do '80s hair metal tones really well. Think of an active Distortion or BW set. I think you'll dig them!