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  • EMG Fat 55

    Quick review of the EMG Fat 55. Very, very cool pickup with lots of low/moderate output passive pickup vibe. I had previously tried a Hot 70 (Ceramic Magnet) and found it to be unbearably ‘muddy’ on the low end. That was right before I went back to passives for all but 2 of my guitars. I had recently read a review of the Alnico Magnet 55 and was intrigued. I then saw a used Fat 55 on Reverb for $50.00 and figured I’d give it a try. I’m glad I did.

    The Hot 70 went into a Mahogany Super Strat that I no longer own. That body always sounded really ‘soft’ no matter what was in it - 81, 57, Hot 70. I ultimately sold that body before switching back to (mostly) passives. The Fat 55 just went in an Ash super strat with a Hipshot 2-point trem and an open nut with locking tuners. The guitar sounds really, really cool. Like a really clean, tame PAF - but with a Spark Mini on all the time. Lots of signal - but not with the same degree of squish and compression that the other EMG offerings provide. I’m digging it.

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    Nice review. that part got me curious:
    Originally posted by PDC View Post
    ...but with a Spark Mini on all the time.
    So are they on the bright side?

    Are the mids pushed or more on the scooped side?

    I don't necessarily associate PAFs with "fat" so i am a bit turned off by the name.


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      Kind of bright - but not in a harsh or ‘brash’ way. Mids are there. Lows are A-2 ‘soft’ without being flubby or farty. Best description would be a ‘59 with a Spark Mini on at all times. It’s really cool.


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        sounds good!
        maybe if a used set comes around...


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          No doubt - I saw one on Reverb for $50 bucks, so it was a ‘safe’ investment - I could always get $50 back out of it if I didn’t like it.

          At first I had it in a Roasted Swamp Ash single hum Warmoth body and it was a little to dark and too soft sounding. That body really likes a bright, tight pickup. So I swapped the Fat 55 into a northern hard ash single hum body and it just came to life. Lots of sparkle and clarity without being brash, and the softer A-2 lows really complimented the ‘hardness’ of the ash body. I think this one is a keeper!